1 Day i-HDS Subscription

The i-HDS Subscription provides users access to the i-HDS software suite, featuring dealer-level diagnostics and ECU reprogramming.

When coupled with a Service Information System (SIS) subscription, the browser-based i-Troubleshooting tool can guide users with step-by-step diagnostics. Linking a Honda/Acura specific J2534-compliant vehicle communication interface further enhances diagnostics with live access to the vehicle’s data stream.

Note: Locksmiths requiring access to immobilizer systems should purchase the i-HDS Vehicle Security Professional (VSP) subscription.

   •   i-HDS requires a Microsoft Windows 10 (or higher) OS.
   •   Does not include Immobilizer functionality
   •   i-HDS accounts cannot use existing ServiceExpress or SIS username and/or email address.
   •   For the 2024 and later Honda Prologue and Acura ZDX, purchase a Techline Connect (TLC) subscription directly from GM: