Security Professionals - Key Code & Immobi Information (USA only)

Honda/Acura Key Code and Immobilizer Information

Note: Immobilizer modifications require i-HDS Security Professionals Software, sold separately.


U.S.: Key and Immobilizer Code (per transaction)

NOTE: Key codes on this site are for US vehicles only.

Beginning on January 1, 2018 all i-HDS Immobilizer functions, such as adding/deleting keys or ECU replacement, will only be supported by the Immobilizer Setup Tool. It is already installed as part of the i-HDS suite, and accessible from the i-HDS Home Screen.

You must be a current member of the NASTF Vehicle Security Professional Registry to obtain Honda and Acura key code and immobilizer information. To register, please click here. All questions concerning the NASTF VSP or LSID, please contact: NASTF support Desk (855) 636-2783